Markham Drywall Contractors

You've decided to renovate, remodel or upgrade your home and now comes the hardest decision: Which contractor to hire?

Toronto Drywall does the job right the first time, so call us! We will work closely with you to understand your needs, listen to your concerns, and provide you with all options available to complete your project.

We are proud to offer more than just dry wall services to the Markham area. The combined expertise and qualifications of our contractors contribute to our success in insulating, tiling and painting. Most of our new business is provided by referrals and all our work is 100% guaranteed.

If you are planning on expanding your home or business, call us for a free estimate. Framing ensures that the structure of your addition is sound. Support beams may need to be replaced or added to accommodate the new extensions of your building, ensuring it is safe to live or work in.

Our residential and commercial contractors practice proper work ethics and take the appropriate action to achieve an above-standard quality job. Before starting each job, your contractor will inspect all materials and location building codes. You contractor will continue to survey the progress of the job to ensure it is completely properly and on time.

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Once framing is complete, we can insulate prior to dry walling. There are several insulation options available to meet your needs, including soundproofing, heating, and fire retardant requirements you may have.

When the dry wall is assembled and seamlessly taped, your new walls are ready for paint. Toronto Drywall will prime your old walls for paint by scraping, sanding, patching, wallpaper removal and caulking. The proper preparation is always considered before applying paint. Your floors and furnishings will be covered in the appropriate drop clothes and coverings. We will take care when bringing our supplies in and out of your home or building. We take great pleasure in working for you.

Toronto Drywall's experienced contractors handle every project with high quality workmanship. We commit to our promise of on-time delivery. Call us today for a free estimate.